Achievements - And that's Archaeology done for Legion!

I finally dug my 250 digsites. Galestion was a Groundbreaker for ages but now I am a Groundbreaker too!

It actually helped a lot to do some digging with Crooked. Having a dig partner made time go faster - and being in Discord chatting also helps time fly.

I actually despaired of getting it done - I was having a moan at Galestion and he said that I should do one dig a day. Do a world quest there, do a dig. It makes it less painful. It was good advice. I did manage to creep forward and in this final week I was 12 or 13 sites away from completion.

With BFA about to drop in a week, the likelihood of coming back to dig is remote. Crooked and I compared some statistics about digging.

In Legion, I completed my Pristines before him. In WoD, he finished way before me. And also I finished with way less digsites. I still don't have my Blue bug mount, and he still has one more pristine mogu coin to get. I wonder if the darned thing exists... all my crates are used up and I've done 238 solves with only 3 rares in Tol'vir.

Darn you RNG!


  1. Oh, nice! I still have one Demonic pristine to go. This is the first x-pac I haven't finished all my pristines yet.

    1. Isn't it funny how demonic is the last? Mine was demonic too and so was Crooked's. Weird!


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