The final Chosen

It's almost time for prepatch!

Everyone is running around doing Mage Tower, levelling their alts, getting their weapons... I'm just thinking whether I can be bothered trying Mage Tower again. I should try it, but I can't muster the enthusiasm for the other 2 appearances.

However, what I WAS excited about was attempting Chosen one more time for Ultra.

I put it in the message of the day, and I wondered how many people would show up. And last night we had an amazing turnout, with more than 20 people (admittedly, some of them I dragged in), with a few other regulars who weren't there.

We had some other people who came along - Strophic and Arantir came (and we did stress to them how to do it), Exray made an appearance on Owl, and even Spoon came along. I was worried, because was Spoon there to kill the achievement run, by killing Ultra? Or was he genuinely there to get his Chosen? The last time he asked to come I told him no because I thought he was going to troll the run and kill us all. He seemed incredulous that I would say that, though whether he was even trolling then it's hard to tell. It's Spoon. Everyone said to me that if I pretty much assume that everything he says is to wind me up, I'd be correct 95% of the time.

Even Dumbear came. He had been avoiding raids, but he decided to turn up. Aza said "Why is an ear dumb?" I laughed because I have never read it as Dumb Ear, I've always read it as Dum Bear.

So we did some rudimentary explaining for first boss, and then that went fine, and then onto the second boss. To avoid that horrible scenario from last time where Ultraza zoned and died a zoning death, we decided to summon him down.

We stressed the importance of the colours on the ground, the foaming colour you get, run to the correct colour healer to get dispelled etc. But even I stuffed up. I am normally on Orange/red but this time I was purple. So stupid ass me ran to orange. When Ultra came to me for a purple dispel, I dispelled him and I thought OH CRAP I'm going to die, so I ran away with my colour and exploded and died with the purple foam on me. Arantir also died, because the poor sod didn't quite understand the mechanics of the fight and stood in one colour for the first breath, then a different colour on the second breath.

So Ultra lived!

Onto the last boss and we explained it and Splatz did his usual good calls, and everyone was playing reasonably well. We did have a few deaths in Phase 3, including Strophic, but we pushed through and got Spoon and Ultra their Chosens. YAY!!!

After that, we did our last run of Heroic Argus to help Taxar get his mounts and achievements. Oh boy was his health low but he managed to survive as best he could! It was nice hanging out with guildies - despite ribbing from Sev about not turning up for PvP nights, not updating my blog, and for playing Fortnite. But the Fortnite thing won't last much longer - it's the end of the season and I'm just going as hard as I can for the first time, but next time I'm just going to take it easy :D

So for anyone who is still reading - I will be away in Canada for 2 weeks, so the blog will have ANOTHER huge lapse in posts, I'll be sure to post some pics to let you all know I haven't been eaten by a bear!


  1. Aaah, I hope you will enjoy it over here! Are you visiting the East or the West Coast (I'm on the East Coast)? They're both gorgeous anyway!

    I'm still lurking and reading your blog after all those years, it always gets me to play WoW a little bit despite the busy schedule! I promise we don't have that many bears... I don't think...

    1. It was lovely! I was on the West Coast and headed up to Alaska. Perhaps one day when I visit east coast I can Navispam you IRL :D The bears thing was SOOOO cool though. I love how wild it is!

  2. Oh for sure! Navispam is the best spam!
    It's a bit different over here, but I do believe we also have lovely sights (I'm a biiit nearer to the center of the country, in Qu├ębec, the French province)! I'm glad you enjoyed your trip here! We do have druids all over!


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