Getting used to druid healing after Patch 8.0

Since 8.0 dropped i hadn't done any healing. In fact, I was a bit rusty because I hadn't healed in a while, what with Fortnite and all..

So I said let's go do a M+. I haven't been to one for a while. Rip had actually asked me to come heal a quick 16 but I hadn't played with my talents properly, so I was kinda winging it and warming up.

So I got Anna and Gal and Galestion and HK to go do a quick M+ with me, something easy like a 16 Blackrook. Silly me didn't set my talents up properly.

Things I forgot. I have no weapon traits anymore. And Healing Touch is gone. Abundance now decreases the mana cost of Regrowth for each active rejuvenation as well as increases the crit chance (both by 6%). Sounds cool right? Except that the old abundance decreased the healing TIME of healing touch so I was used to throwing lots of rejuvs around and spamming some instant Healing touches to top people up. Well, can't do THAT anymore and regrowth seems to take FOREVER to case when you're trying to top up in a hurry!

Level 100 talents are also a fair bit different. Photosynthesis can cause lifebloom to crit on the target when you have it on an ally, but if you have LB on yourself, your HoTs are 15% faster. Germination is unchanged, but Flourish now has Essence of G'hanir added to it too.

So off I went, and it's Grievous week and I was happily throwing my rejuvs around thinking I could HT them.  Errr, what's wrong with my HT? Why was it not going off? In fact, where is it?? OMG it's gone! So then I'm using Regrowth instead and it seems so SLOW trying to top everyone off.. where is my essence of G'Hanir so I can increase the healing of these HoTs... OH that's gone...

Darn it everyone is so low, I'll tranq.  Oops I forgot that the tranquility trait is gone so I cast Tranq and took a step and then that ended the tranq. Well SHIT.

So it was a pretty rough key, I felt like an idiot, especially since I forgot to take Typhoon because I had mighty Bash on from PvP before, and it was Sanguine week and couldn't move the mobs out of the puddles.

After that key (luckily we finished it in time, no thanks to ME), I asked around and everyone is totally fine with the changes. It's just  me who is the idiot.

Time for more practice. I guess I'd better raid next week!