Frostwolves Guild Meetup in Perth

Hyad (my husband) had to go to Perth for a conference the weekend after we got back from Canada, and I thought... well, this might be a nice opportunity to catch up with my West Coast guildies.

HK was keen to come too, and even Crooked was considering it too! I was pleased - that would help boost numbers!

I was disappointed being unable to book any restaurants in Crown Perth as if it was close by, then Hyad could come as well before his conference. It was annoying as they weren't booked out or anything, so I booked a restaurant called Coco's in South Perth. The kids decided they would rather stay in their room and play iPad so just HK and I headed out.

Mesamerlin was in town playing hockey (he lives in Sydney), and he messaged me the day before saying he couldn't make it as he had sports stuff to do. That was a shame!

So HK and I found Crooked at the ferry and walked up to Coco's where Aza and Ultra were at the bar. Hugs from me, and handshakes all round for the boys and we sat down at our table and waited to see who would turn up next.

The trio of brothers turned up next - Splatzor, Tyefoods and their brother D. Splatz and D were dressed very swish, with peacoats and a suit much to my horror, as I was in my yogapants and WoW druid hoodie. However, the presence of Tye looking scruffy made me feel somewhat reassured!

Then Mesa surprised me by saying he was coming and he turned up saying he didn't know what anyone looked like but I said I'd spot him - basically the person who walks in who looks like they're a bit lost looking for someone is the person who is supposed to come sit with us!

People couldn't remember who he was, so lucky I was there. When I said he was the only mage that turned up to raids some while back, they were thinking of  Furyfire. Poor Fury, the only thing everyone can remember is that Fury is ALWAYS lost. Worse than me! But no, Mesa is not Furyfire he initially joined on his monk, Mesabrew. I remember when he joined months ago, I said to everyone in Discord to be nice to him, and Galestion was horribly embarrassing by saying in guild "Oh, hi! You're that new monk who is really good right? Welcome!!"

So, here we are at a fancy restaurant and we're having ribeyes, risottos, lasagne or ravioli, and Tye orders...

2 buckets of chips with tomato sauce. In fact, the waitresses snickered when Splatz commented to Tye, "You come to a fancy restaurant and order CHIPS?"

And then Splatz started the Long Island Tea train. Which continued well AFTER lunch!

We headed back to the casino and bummed around at the Merrywell (which wasn't that busy - GO FIGURE) and Neri and Disco joined us with their 2 pups in tow. Disco said he was thinking of playing again - Neri went with Casa to alliance (but you never know when they will return lol).

Splatz then drank 2 jugs of long island tea on his own! How was he still upright? I took 2 sips and I felt a bit fuzzy! Spoon kept plying Crooked with alcohol who downed it heartily. Unlikely to be the alcohol (but just Crooked being Crooked) but a lady came around to the table asking if we'd like to join the Crown club - and if you join with 6 people we can get a $30 voucher. Crooked looked her dead in the eye and straightfaced said "I'm never coming back here." A little flustered she said ok have a nice meal and wandered off.

Hubby Hyad turned up and chatted to guildies for a bit before he went up to look after the kids.

I had a fantastic time, hanging out with my friends for well over 5 hours. Thanks guys for a great day out!

And what would a guild meetup be without photos to prove we were there? With edited heads and all!!!


  1. It's great to see these sort of meet-ups, showing MMO friendships are still going strong!

    1. They are truly just as real as any other friendship! :D

    2. I know I exchange Christmas cards with several blogger friends, so yeah, I'd say that they're just as real.


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