Back from Canada, and Fortnite out of my system!

Now that is the BIGGEST BREAK I have had from blogging... EVER. I think.

I am back from Canada, and boy was that a beautiful country! So much green, such lovely mountains, even the shopping was excellent! It is truly like DRUID country!

Flight form
Bear form

Swim form (ok it's a humpback not an orca...)

Tree form

So it seems like I missed a lot when I was away. Firstly, I should have spent my pet tokens - now I have thousands of the things and they're now useless!

Secondly, I forgot to empty my mail. I wonder how many items I lost to the nether....

Thirdly, the UI is different. It's cool, but different. And I do like this chat log history! I am yet to try out the in game chat, but so far,

Fourthly, I am way behind in honour. I logged on and the honour system had changed! Firstly, there was a spam of honour achievements...

Anyway, come Tuesday night there will be changes! I guess I'm glad I made it home to see what those changes are.... Darnassus things???