Sunday raiding - Poor Ultra still not chosen....

Well, trying to drag everyone out was bloody awful. We couldn't even fill a group. We reached 15 and then slowly managed to drag it out to 17.

"This is stupid," said HK. "Odyn was so slow, like REALLY slow. We're not going to get this. We should call it."

Guarm is easy though, so we thought we could do that and try it, and see how we went. Maybe some more stragglers would turn up.

So off we went to do Guarm, and Ultraza got that bug where you die when you zone into the underworld. Well. We were all VERY SAD.

HK asked why are we bothering. I said "Well," I said, "if we call it, they won't get it. If we do it and fail we won't get it. But we MIGHT. It won't take long."

So with our merry band of 17 people we gave it a bash. And yes poor Coffee died early, and so did someone else, but with Splatz making nice organised calls, it went super well and ... we did it! So Ang got it and so did someone's alt (cant' remember who it was) but I as super glad we tried it.

A big grats to Anghelz who finally got it! And... we need to find some time to get it for Ultra. Come on Frosties, let's do it when prepatch drops! More of us will be playing then!