Fail Friday - "Hey guys I want to do a +20"

Poor Kyere. He's the new kid on the block (well, he's not a kid, but he is new!) who is a friend of a friend of a guildie.

Actually he's a friend of a guildie who is a friend of another guildie.

Ohhh, he's Triarchi's friend's friend. Triachi's friend Deciphel, who himself is relatively new to the guild. More on him in another post.

So we hadn't done our M+ for the week and I had Crooked, Tye and myself. I wasn't feeling game enough to tank, especially not a key over 15, and I had to dig up a friend to tank for me. My workmate Realshiz was online and he hadn't done a key on his pally, so he said he would come. I warned him there would be 2 not so experienced people, and he was like, oh that's fine.

We asked Kyere if he had done any M+, and he said he had, Deci had taken him. We also asked him if he'd done any 15s, and he said no, but he wanted to do a 20. Ahhhh.... hmm well, we'll see!

So off we went to do a 15 Darkheart Thicket, which is usually quite a nice instance to do, on raging, volcanic and tyrannical. I worried a little bit on Glaidalis because of the leap, so I told Crooked I'd do the distance thing so he would jump onto me. I don't think he had healed a tyrannical Glaid before so he may not have realised how much that dot hurt. Also, Kyere hadn't realised how much Glaidalis' charge hurts and he died. We wiped a few times, and eventually we got it. Had some bad trash pulls - and had a few deaths - and then we were on the Oakheart. I was trying to be at max range to try what I saw in the MDI, but I forgot I had to get in to get rid of the roots. Pally freedom is so helpful for that!

Now the run to Dresaron... poor Kyere, must be his first time because he pulled mobs every time running back! And we wiped on Dresaron a lot - too many whelps! But eventually we got it.

"Your friend won't live through Xavius," whispered Realshiz.

"I know," I said. "I just hope we kill it."

I just warned Crooked about the Feed on the Weak (which is the worst thing in the Xavius fight on tyrannical), and to watch out for the big damage at 50% , and Kyere as predicted died. But, we one shot it! I thought we would be wiping for ages....

Kyere apologised for being so dreadful, but it was alright. After all, how good could the run be if I had to DPS??? At least it was done and he got a good cache :)

I think now he realises that doing a 20 would not be a good idea :D but, at least he had fun! And we all had a giggle too.


  1. Jesus, you took Tye? Your group was doomed from the word "Go"

    1. LOL if I was going to make a doomed gorup, might as well take Tye right??


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