Sunday Raiding - I wish we all had a priest cloak

On Sunday we went for Helya.... AGAIN.

We worked out some little tweaks to make it better this time. The foaming debuff comes out before the breath comes out, so people can take care of their first debuff by running into the corresponding colour on the ground. Easy. No dispels.

So that went well and we knocked out Helya and things were looking good. Lushen whispered me saying he went to kill himself with the debuff because he didn't want to roll through the raid. So... I didn't know that if you die with the debuff ticking down then it doesn't spread. He must have ranged himself a fair bit. Anyway, need to check that.

Then Helya. Oh dear. We wiped after the phase 3 breath - both tanks got mind controlled and it was downhill from there. Everyone was sads.

Frostie was on her priest Vilandras and she had the cloak so she rezzed us all back up. Then we did Helya again and it was flawless. Why couldn't we do that the first time!!!

Interestingly, Frostie got the achievement! The cloak kept the buff on her so she is now Vilandras the Chosen.

We all need cloaks. That is totally OP.  Grats Frostie! Need you there for next week!