Sunday raiding - Everyone is chosen EXCEPT...

Poor Anghelz.

So he's the new guy, tagging along. Joined on his alt. Brought seahorses from his other server and sold it to guildies at a super cheap price and dragged along to our Chosen runs.

Firstly, the raid didn't start off well. We were waiting for people to turn up, and Fin wasn't there. I rang, I messaged, I pestered. Fin didn't want to go. He was over the whole thing, failing every week. HK wasn't much better, the poor bastard was standing in the corner crying, not realising his mic wasn't working and so nobody could hear him talking. They all thought he was just sulking.

Eventually I got Fin on, 40 minutes later. Galestion and Frostie/Vilandras turned up as well, so we managed to fill out a whole raid. Phew.

So there we are, on Guarm, and the first lot of foamy debuffs goes out. Ang is one of them and next thing you know, he's dead. He had the purple debuff and I was like NOOOO what happened!!!

So then we were on Helya. We've done it before, nearly perfect! So this time we made sure we took it slow in Phase 2, make sure the floor was all washed clean, and then we had to make sure everyone who soaked a purple was healed up. HK was looking sketchy at one point and I was worried and healing the hell out of him, but we got it down!

So EVERYONE got Chosen title except poor Ang. Aimei, Finadama, Triarchi, Deci, Furyfire and Genowen (SEE I DIDN'T FORGET!). Fin is now glad I dragged him to raid, and is very grateful.

Now what to do about Ang. I wonder if we can find enough people to do it one last time....