So the real reason I haven't posted much in a Fortnite...

Yeah, I see what I did there.

Yes, I have joined the video game that is sweeping the young generation by storm. And it's not just for kids. Tons of adults are playing it too.

Anyone who reads my blog is a gamer, so playing a new game is nothing special. However, this is the only other game I have played in a LONG time. And, I got my kids playing it as well.

There are tons of articles, posts and whinges on the internet about how "My kid is addicted to Fortnite", or "Kid racks up $300 bill on parent's credit card on Fortnite." However, it's just like any other game, it's fun, it's quick, it's social and it has cool accessories (which is where the money sink is).

People have been trying to figure out what is it about the game that makes it such a sensation. I can tell you, it's because it's free, easily accessible and it's cute. I initially started playing it because I thought it was a mixture of Minecraft (my kids love Minecraft) and a Zombie game (I like zombie games). So, it seemed like something we could all play together.

It turns out, that's the PvE version, which is called Save the World, which is different from the Battle Royale which is what all the sensation was about. What's fun about it is that it's fast (games can last from 1 min to 20 mins), searching for treasure is addictive (ie weapons from chests), and you can get cool character customisations (which is where the game makes money). There are male and female characters, different races, different body types.

Interestingly, my kids seem to survive longer than I do. I think it's because they like hiding. Both of them have been down to the last 5 to survive and that's just by hiding somewhere. It amazes me how they can run around the open, chopping down trees, making lots of noise and yet nobody kills them. My son has even been carried to victory, and proudly shows me his umbrella. Me, I never win, but I do like running around finding things. If fact, just this morning he managed to get a Victory Royale in Duos by just hiding the whole time. Seriously wut?? I went to look at his stats - 0 kills. MAN. Why can't I get that!

My work colleagues do not share my enthusiasm of finding a new game to play with the kids. I went out to dinner with some female colleages/friends, and when they asked me what game I was playing and I mentioned Fortnite they immediately started with the "Oh, that's a really bad game for kids," and "I don't let my kids play shooting games," and "Violent games should never be played by young children." I am sure they saw me give them the evil eye, before I rolled them in resignation. After all, my kids spend time with me, they love having game time with me as we run screaming THERE'S A BADDY SHOOT THEM QUICK.

Do I worry about my son who is running around shooting people? Even though he does shoot to kill, when he's outside game and imitating Fortnite, he only ever does the in game dances, rather than any kind of shooting motions. He's having fun, it costs me nothing, and he never asks to buy any of the outfits. I told him he has to save game currency to get the items that he wants and he's happy with that. He's never asked me to buy him any currency so he can get stuff.

However... who the hell is going to keep me under control when I am dying to get the Rainbow and Sunshine set??


  1. Sounds like some of your coworkers are listening to the recycled 80s/90s tune that video games are bad for people. It's more like "video games and other items that have micro-transactions like this are bad for people without impulse control."

    I'm glad you're having fun and playing with your kids!

    1. Thansk Redbeard! I agree - but lots of things are bad without impulse control. I'm thinking chocolate...

  2. as i like to say to ppl who have no clue & just recycle the stuff in the news,
    when i game or my kids game, they are learn skills, working together, interacting with people from all around the world. multi tasking. hand/eye or ordination. processing multiple things are once. learning that nothing in life is free or easy & that there is always someone else around ready to take your stuff or take your place.
    in a game is a safe enviroment as long as we as parents monitor their activities & its time we spend with then.
    when they mentioon the good old days i say well, so like they used to run around playing cowboys & indians pretending to shoot indians just because they were indians??
    or would they prefer they spend all weekend watching sport on TV interacting with no one?
    my favorite is " so its bad that i play video games talking to ppl but its ok for you to watch movies all day not talking to anyone"?
    glad you are enjoying something different, cause its only like 6 weeks till prepatch is my guess & then 10 weeks till BFA launch then the mayhem starts again.
    variety is good, spending time with the kids is good.
    bugger anyone who has a problem with it :-)

    1. I should drag my ass off Fornite and get back into game. I still have stuff to do!

  3. Ive been playing this with my kiddos too and its awesome fun.
    I'm horribly bad at it though and am always the first in out little group to be shot down and have to shout for them to come click and heal me.
    And our kitchen during tea prep (beacuse I usually have one ir the other in there helping and keeping my company) usually sees us trying to replicate the dances... also anither thing I'm horribly bad at lol.

    1. Ugh, posting from my phone with lots of typos including in my own name /blush.
      Sorry! Zee

    2. My son likes to do the dances too. It does feel weird when you are cheering your kids on for eliminating someone doesn't it!!!

    3. I totally did not see your typos till you pointed them out... OMG I am so bad.


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