Raiding - Out of practice perhaps!

"Let's do a full clear for something different," Splatz said to me.

Yeah ok. But HK is off at a work thing playing Cards against Humanity. Who is going to tank?

Uh oh.

It's me.

So off we went doing a full clear and bringing 2 very undergeared and inexperienced people. For the first few bosses, it wasn't really an issue.

Actually, I lie. Portal Keeper Hasabel was dreadful.

HK logged in wondering what we were doing. I said to him on to come and save me.

He logged in and said "You're still in there?"

Then he realised we were on Hasabel. "Oh you've done Argus already?"

Errrr... no. When he found out we were wiping to that he was a little incredulous.

"Wait, so you guys are only up to Hasabel??"

Once he started tanking, it was much better. Until we got to Varimathras.

Poor Dumbear, the new guy. He hadn't quite worked out when to run out or when to run back in, so he kept coming in too early and we'd all get AIDS. And we wiped. We did that twice and then it was end of raid time. I don't think we were particularly fussed (it is end of tier after all) but I whispered poor Dumbear and reassured him how to do it, and to kill himself if necessary. Callous sounding, yes but better then being embarrassed for wiping the raid!

We came back on Thursday then proceeded to wipe on Coven. After a few wipes I said go on to Agg and Argus and we did that and came back to Coven, but unfortunately couldn't get it down. I think people just forgot to avoid bads.

It's been a while since we did a full clear. I guess we're just out of practice! I think that it's not too bad to do that once a month so we can knock out any buildups of Class Hall quests, but I was enjoying having Thursday off to do other things.

Madcow and Dumbear had fun and picked up lots of gear. Hopefully more useful to the group next week!


  1. once progression finishes & everyone has their stuff its very easy to become complacent & out of practice. the group loses its mojo.
    also changing the ppl in the group changes the dynamic.
    most ppl need a insentive to raid, be it gear or mounts or other shiny's.
    the end of xpack is always tough when every1 has everything.
    you just need to find what will give every1 the insentive to keep going if thats what you want to do


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