Minipost : Legendary #41 - Another hunter quiver!

I was opening my Valarjar Cache and I got another hunter legendary. So that makes two. But... that still doesn't mean I am levelling a hunter...

What about boosts someone said to me? Yeah... well, that's a lot of money to spend on boosts. Though, I still have my old 100 and 110 boosts available.


  1. ya know, the toughest part of alts is the initial leveling, after that its easy as.
    i have every class at 110 now, i only actually played the hunter through properly, the demon hunter got half assed through & all the others i leveled to 101, got the mission board & then leveled them to max via the phone app & mission board, its was slow going but i got it done, now i can choose whatever to play next xpack if the hunter ever changes so much i hate it ( cough pally end of wrath adding combo points cough)
    the upside is more options for achievement points for having all professions maxed etc.
    /dangles carrot :-)

    1. I think I would rather try to get insane title than try to level all those toons.... LOL what does that tell you about my thoughts on levelling!


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