Fail Friday - Why did I try to fix something that wasn't really broken?

The guild Facebook page had a stickied post showing Names and Toons because clearly our real names did not match our toon names, and it was difficult to figure out whom everyone was. I was the one who knew most of them because there were PMs between me and most members trying to match them to their toon.

The original post was so outdated that I thought I would make a new one. It wasn't even a post. It was a document. What I should have done was edit the document, but when I looked at the document the hyperlinks looked a bit daunting so I thought it would be easier to make a post with everyone's names on it.

Well, that was bloody messy. And I hyperlinked everyone's names so much that Facebook told me I was banned from making anymore posts in that thread.


Fortunately, Splatz was bored and decided to take on the monumentous task of fixing it. Little did he know that I had asked Morz to fix it for me too. So Morz posted it minutes before Splatz, after he'd spent hours fixing it.


But, now we have a nice names thing that is up to date. Until we have to edit it again....