Achievement - Naxt Victim

I kept putting it off, but when Coffee and Faith both got theirs done and I still had one to go, I sorta ran out of puff to get myself motivated to do it. I only had on more to go, An'thyna, which was from the Warbeasts summoning stones (yellow).

I logged on yesterday and Coffee said "Let's do your Naxt victim" and so off we went. I was a bit low on stones - I had kept all my yellows, but fortunately Nether Disrupter was up so we could go farm more stones.

Splatz came along. "Yes!" said Coffee. "We need a spinning top warrior." LOL. Splatz does great damage and runs around like crazy because of speed set, Highmountain Tauren, legendaries and other warrior stuff that I don't remember. I remember being pleased because one of the Nether Portals has a Doomguard rare that does fears. With Splatz holding it in melee I could safely outrange the fears. I saw the fear go out, and Coffee and pets were standing a bit close, so Splatz and Coffee went fleeing in fear (and a whole bunch of hunter pets) but I saw Splatz break the fear and hit the mob again, who cast another fear and then Splatz was feared away again, running at lightnng speed because he forgot to take his speed set off. Hilarious!

Splatz only needed one more (Engineering) so we did some of mine and some of his, and I said "I'd laugh if Splatz got his first." Well, guess what. we didn't do that many Engineering summons and we got a boss summon. MAN.

So Splatz got his and I got all mopey. However, Triarchi piped up saying he would like to help so he came down, and we went to get a few more stones. Then, on the first Warbeasts summon we got not one but TWO boss summons!

Here we are atop our pile of dead demons!

Yay me, I got my Naxt Victim! Another thing off my Legion bucket list. Which means it's now time to go level my shaman!