Sunday Raids - Guild Mythic Helya! And some of us are Chosen!

So, we decided to try Mythic ToV again and OMG we were successful!

It all went very smoothly, though we were still doing Guarm wrong, but we had a few people die to that, but everyone else got through.

After spending some time explaining the fight, we took on Helya and did REALLY well, and got it down first go, with some of us netting the achievement!

Crooked, Galestion (who went AFK to wash dishes during Odyn and thus died), Fin, Ultra and Consti died. But, we've decided to keep Sundays free to keep trying for that achieve for everyone else, and hopefully lots of interest for people doing it.

We also get a new transmog set for getting Mythic Helya, so here are me and Splatz wearing it.

Yeah... that one can go back in the cupboard. Except the shoes. I like those.

Another guild achieve knocked out. Woo!


  1. Congrats Navi and agree that the golden mog is a bit twee. Pity that we didn’t smash it the first time round so I could also me a chosen gold member lols. Been having a tussle with work life balance of late and work won. Hopefully things will settle down so that I can play with the big kids soon. Del


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