Sunday Raids - Glory of the Tomb Raider Part 3 - Dark Souls

We had one goal this week - to get Dark Souls, which was the Kil'jaeden achievement.

All you have to do is make sure none of those Shadowsouls (that you see in the dark phase) finish casting. It is a little bit trickier than you think!

Firstly, in the dark, you have 100% miss. So you can't interrupt them even if you are standing on top of them unless you get the sight from Illidan.

Secondly, you have 1 second where you can see them before it goes dark. It really helps to have a DK who can grip them all (and have super fast reflexes) to grab them just before it goes dark so they're all together.

Thirdly, if you have Kil'jaeden in a corner, the Shadowsouls will spawn in an arc around him, rather than having KJ in the middle where they will spawn in a circle around him. This makes it easier. There is a bit of confusion about this - do they spawn where players are? Or do they spawn around Kil'Jaeden? I tried to test it by standing in a corner away from the group so that I could help look for Illidan really early, and then if I was lucky and he was in my corner, then we could run back quickly and interrupt them. If you put someone in every corner, then at least someone would get the sight and be able to run back quickly and interrupt the adds so everyone could get there once they got the sight and kill them.

We got it! Now some of us are Tomb Raiders!

So here is my new pet and my title. I should make an appropriate transmog for that title, I think!