Sunday Raids - Attempting Mythic TOS

The guild needed Mythic TOS for the achieve, so I begged 16 guildies to get on so we could get the guild achievement. We did manage to get more than 16 guildies on and Delanoben was telling me about the complicated mechanics that we needed for the first 2 bosses.

For Odyn there were some buffs that needed to be stacked on one side of the room and to put markers down. Also, there were some extra adds. It sounds easy now, but at the time I was confused and I said let's just wing it.

Well, Odyn just fell over. We at least remembered we had to take our adds when we were marked to their pads so that we could kill them....

So that was so hilariously easy.

Then Guarm. Del started explaining that we needed 4 healers because there is a special debuff that will kill you if not dispelled correctly. If you dispel it next to the people who have that same colour then it will jump to them and disappear, otherwise it will jump to others and tick.

So we spent a few minutes discussing how we were going to put people and which debuffs to take. Then we said stuff it, let's just wing it.

Well, Guarm also just fell over, except people with the debuff kinda just died. Guarm died in the running phase so it didn't last long at all.

Then we had a bash at Helya. Now it took us ages because we hadn't done the mechanics right, and we spent most of the night trying to get it right. So our best attempt was 9% and we said no problem, we'll come back next week! I was going to extend it, but we thought, hey let's just do it again, it was so easy. Hopefully next week we'll have enough people!