Raiding - Orkblut's turn for a mount

Orkblut hasn't been on much (I used to call him Katharian, but now he plays his hunter, Orkblut, more) but he was back and he very much wanted to get the mount from the AOTC. So we took him along this week.

Kelthal/Vork was very confused because when I would explain stuff to Ork, he'd think I was talking to him.

"Ork move back," I'd say.
"But I'm not doing anything!" said Vork.
"ORK not VORK!"

"Ork, stay dead and collect orbs."
"But I'm not dead."
"That's so confusing... just call me Kel," said Vork.

Anyway, we got it down, and a whole bunch of alts and Orkblut got their AOTC. Yay for another guildie with their mount :)