Field Medic Navimie

I didn't know this before but First Aid is going bye byes in Battle for Azeroth.

To be honest, I'm not surprised. It's a useless profession. From a healer point of view anyway.

Man, this Gwent card of "Field Medic" is so gruesomely cool!

However, there are still First Aid achievements to complete - so make sure you get them done before BFA if you're into achievements! The most important one to me was the Field Medic achievement - which awards the title "Field Medic".

You know those First Aid quest things that drop all around Broken Isles? Well, if you didn't know there is actually an achievement for doing all of them...

I had a few of them before I started trying to get them in earnest - Some of them drop quite frequently from doing the PvP towers.

In reality, the way to get this achievement is just a massive grind of mob killing. People on Wowhead talk about drops from certain mobs, but each of these First Aid things are attached to zones. It's a random drop, and thus the best chance of getting them is from a mob that respawns quickly. There is a great comment on Wowhead with details of best ways to farm with waypoints too.

Val'sharah: Bloody Plea, Fevered Note, Bloody request
Interestingly, this is the one I didn't have to farm. I got my last one, Bloody Request when I was doing the Bradensbrook WQ from one of the Risen Hounds.
However, recommended farming spots are the Furlbogs near Smolderhide Thicket and Murlocs at Gloaming Reef.

Bloody Request - This one was down in a Barrow Den - took me a while to find him

Azsuna: Singed Note, Bloody Note, Fevered Plea

This is the second one I didn't have to farm. I managed to complete them just from world quests. I do remember one dropping from murlocs.
The recommended farming spots are murlocs west of Narthalas academy, and Warden towers on the Warden Island.

Highmountain: Fevered Letter, Crumpled Note, Crumpled Letter
Third one I didn't have to farm. PvP towers got me all my ones.
Recommended farming spots are kobolds near Skyhorn, and Feltotem tauren

Suramar: Fevered Prayer, Bloody Letter, Singed Plea, Bloody Prayer
This one I did farm. The farming spot I used was near Moonguard Stronghold, killing Nightborne Siegecasters in that area where they are harrassing Hippogryphs. I also had one first aid thing drop from the Nighborne Arcanists who were making portals a few levels up from there. This farm spot is best done in a 5 man group, as the respawns are super fast.
Bloody Prayer

Bloody Letter - In a branch of a tree

Stormheim: Singed Letter, Crumpled Request, Fevered Request
I spent the longest time farming these ones. I only had Singed Letter, and so I joined groups who were farming murlocs in the southwest of the zone. I didn't like that as much because the mobs were a bit spread out. Whilst I was there in a PuG farming group the world quest popped up so the group ended up moving to Vampirates. That was actually a good area for me, because I got both my drops there.
Crumpled Request - Poor Little Goblin!

Fevered Request - Lying on a ledge (my lucky last!)

I remember that I had gotten my last Suramar one and was in my PuG group in Stormheim when I was dragged by my guildies to DPS a key, much to my dismay as I was on a first aid roll! Splatz said that I would have super good luck getting the rest of my first aid, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. However, the cool thing as that when I went back to farming, the same group was still there farming so we were all very amiable and chatty. One of the hunters in the group had done the same thing earlier - gone away and then come back to the group. I do remember that the warlock in the group had insanely good RNG, telling me it took him less than 2 hours to farm all of the first aid drops in one zone.

The first aid quests will need you to use Field Packs, Silkweave Splints, Silkweave Bandages and Silvery salves. Field packs you should carry in your bag, but to save bag space you can keep the mats to make the others in your bank - you will need Shal'dorei Silk, Silver Mackerel and Leystone Ore to make the other items.

Another thing to remember is that you have to get rid of any other First aid quests you have! You won't get another drop if you have one active! So if you picked up one you already had, make sure you abandon it so that you can pick up the next First Aid quests or you may have hours of fruitless farming.

Good luck if you're farming for the achievement!