Fail Friday - There's a first time for everything...

I owed Splatz some M+. He did help me get 4 levels on my alt, after all.

So I said on Thursday, let's go do some M+! He said sure, and I said bring your DK.  We got Lushen on his alt DK, Goodgravy on his alt DH, and Spoon came on his druid. It was a 16 COS and I thought ok this will be nice and easy, it's just Raging, Necrotic and Tyrannical this week.

So, we get to the first boss, and whilst we're on the last bit of trash before the boss pull, I'm running to go click beacons. We pull the boss, and it's all going well. We hit the 30% and the boss yells "This will even the odds!"

As he runs off to drink his bottle, we go and pull the Construct, then I noticed we all got the debuff that you have to jump to get rid of. And our health is going down because there is that ugly bowtie thing on the floor. It takes me about 2 seconds to register that the boss is not dead yet. By that stage, someone is dead, the others are low and I'm dying. We wipe. The boss resets.

"So, are there no alchemists in the group?" said Splatz?

"Not me," I said.

The others were also all not alchys. Lushen is an alchy on his main, and Gravy is too, I think. "Well, that's a first for me," said Gravy.

LOL, yeah oops. It's not my first time, but I have been in a group with no alchy, you just have to remember to kill the boss. Good work guys! Well, at least we still made the dungeon in time :D