Fail Friday - I had to tank Heroic ABT

It's Wednesday! Raid day! Yes, I know there isn't much enthusiasm for raid at the moment but I do like hanging out with my guildies and I would like to get a DPS titan trinket... but wishful thinking!

HK messages me at 8pm. "Not logging on, I've got a headache."

"OK, hope you get some rest," I said. Hopefully Ram will get on.

Raid time rolls around. Umm. No Ram. No Gen. Splatz is there. Crooked is grudgingly coming because he got the legendary (thank goodness!) because even though he doesn't want to come along (he is busy trying to get Insane title) I'm glad because I get to play with him. Except when he's torturing me with my other crazy goal, which is to get 2 levels on my shaman a day.

With Daylight savings end, Tye should be able to make raids. I suggest Tye tanking to Splatz.

"Hell, NO," said Splatz.

OK, well, I guess I have to tank. That's ok, I thought, I'll just start it a bit, maybe someone will turn up. I told Splatz and he said he was fine telling me everything I had to do.

Well, guess what. We actually wiped on Garothi. Partly my fault because I ran thru the ranged when I was getting bombed. Oops. But to be fair, lots of people were dead already.

Fortunately, skipped dogs. Straight over to Aggramar. That's when the REAL fun started.

We were very light on CC. We had 2 warlocks and a monk. I was tanking so I couldn't root very well. Crooked changed over to druid to try to heal but after a few goes that wasn't working coz he was dying. I was getting a bit disheartened with it, but everyone wanted to persist - I think Crooked was annoyed at me for being so give-up but I was worried that my tanking was screwing everything over. However, I was reassured that it was the CC that was stuffing up not my tanking (but when you're freaking out, everything is  my fault!)

I did stuff up the swap a few times for Taeselach. How do you run back so quickly and make him swap sides? I had already used roar but it wasn't up again. Maybe I was supposed to not stand with everyone...? I shouldn't have laughed at Gravy... Splatz got so exasperated he changed to his main, Crooked went back to healing on his shaman.

So the new strat was to let skull walk in, kill the next 2 beside it and keep the other 3 cc'd. We had lots of issues with that still, but eventually, it clicked and we got it down. Phew! Hwired even had his old raid leader voice on for a bit... What a relief!

Now Argus...

So a few stuff ups but eventually we got it! I kept tanking wrong - thought I was supposed to stand with Splatz, but noooo - but once I got the hang of it, it was ok. I need to be better with my defensives though! And I need to be faster on taunting those things with weapons because they went off killing half the raid coz I was slow. I now at least have a better idea of how tanking goes - I REALLY should pay attention to what the tanks do.

So that was my fail tanking on Wednesday. I am worried that because of that, NOBODY is going to turn up on Wednesday anymore!


  1. well done.
    tanking is stressful
    well the countdown is on now. :-)

    1. Thanks Spankles. We'll see what damage I caused on Wednesday!


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