Fail Friday - Coffee's little spill

Poor Coffee. We were trying to do The Chosen on Sunday, and I'd been trying to do the explanation but suddenly the boss started hitting us and Ultra was screaming we need to start GOGO!

But, we were in poor positions, people died early and it was a full wipe.

Coffee was horrified. Her pet was not on aggressive and she hadn't shot anything! But there it was for everyone to see ... Coffeehunter pulled.

It turns out that her trinket which throws mines around did it. The mines can spawn around where her pet was, and the pet had been attacking mobs at the front, but a mine got left there. It timed out and exploded (because Coffee hadn't exploded it) and then that pulled the boss. Not an issue when we pull the front adds first because Helya is not attackable then, but since we did the adds last, the mine was there and 30 seconds later when it detonated she was attackable.

Ah well, There's always the next Sunday to try again!


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