Blizzard WoW April Fools 2018

This year the wall of text of the Blizzard April Fool's post is too extensive to talk about in detail - you can read it for yourself here. And here.

But there are some highlights, which I found amusing.


For three days, every race will become an elf variant, making Azeroth even more absolutely fabulous than usual. For example, tauren become Hoof Elves, worgen become Woof Elves, orcs become Very Angry Elves, goblins become Avoid Elves etc. Every player will also gain three racial traits for the duration of the event.

Every Elf for Himself: Removes all stun effects, but somehow leaves the player even more stunning than usual.

Elf, I Need Somebody: Help! Not just anybody. Help! You know I need someone. No, really. I’m pretty lonely.

Elf and Safety: Even in the fiercest of battles, your hair will remain up to 70% Unruffled and has zero chance to become Completely Disheveled.

Repeatable daily quests can now be repeated within the same day, rewarding exactly the same reward you got the first time around! Keep earning that same gold, reputation, or tokens as long as the day is long—for absolutely no benefit whatsoever whatsoever!

That last one would be GREAT for my 50 world quest challenge LOL!

Well, I found this funny because I started playing Fortnite so I could introduce the kids to it - because I find Roblox not very exciting, and at least Fortnite was cute - if killing other people could be defined as "cute". For those who don't know, Fortnite's free Battle Royale is where 100 people drop into an island and fight it out Hunger Games style whilst looting houses and searching for equipment to beat the other players with.


Death Knight
- Blood - Anti magic shell now comes four delicious candy flavours

Demon Hunter
- Havoc - Fixed a bug that was causing Chaos Blades to behave predictably

- Balance - New Moon has been in the game for a while now and is now renamed "Moon"
- Guardian - Stampeding Roar now gives the Druid the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire. ‘Cause you are a champion!
- Restoration - Innervate can now only be cast on the first healer to call for it in voice chat.

- Survival - Survival Hunters will now always be the last players alive when a group wipes. We apologize for only just coming to this realization after all these years of the spec’s name.

- Arcane - Added support for keyboards with fewer than one button.

- Mistweaver - Monks who cast Revival at the exact same time the Priest cast Divine Hymn are now officially the worst.

- Holy - Equipping The Silver Hand again causes you to come in second place behind players who use The Gold Hand. But at least you beat those Bronze Hand losers.
- Protectio - Avenger’s Shield, when combined with a Stone of Infinity, now summons Captain Azeroth, a goody-two-shoes Paladin NPC who can do this all day.

- Holy - Priests who cast Divine Hymn at the exact same time the Monk cast Revival are now officially the worst.

- Assassination - Rogues who cast their finishing moves at only 3 Combo Points are now highlighted in the group window for their raid leaders and that one guy who’s always telling you how to play your class. I mean, he’s not wrong, he’s just annoying.

- Restoration - Wellspring has had its healing effect reduced by 30%, and its name changed to "Alrightspring."

- Arms - In response to feedback that there was not enough difference between Arms and Fury, we’ve added two more arms to all Arms Warriors. Visit the Barber Shop to customize the exact placement of your third and fourth arms.
- Fury - When you select this spec, your character will no longer have upper body appendages.
- Protection - The entire Protection Warrior toolkit has been re-designed with Spell Reflection as the primary focus. They protecc, and they attacc, but most importantly, they reflecc.