Achievement - Family Fighter

It's pet battle week and I finally worked up the stamina to tackle those Argus pet battles again. I feel really bad that I have to resort to going to Xu-Fu's Pet guide all the time to get the strats for my pet battles... I really should have spent the hours working out the strats myself...

Anyway, even with their suggestions, I was struggling on some of them. Especially those ones where they do a nether portal or the instant kill at the start. I was stuck on one for AGES because I didn't have the right combination of pet breeds, though there were some that had decent substitutes.

And the reward for all that work? A new pet of course! Say hello to my Felclaw Marsuul.

I noticed that it did the "cat form dance" when I sat down - it was sitting too. The one with the waving paw. Anyway, this Marsuul is in fel colours - a nice match for your fel outfit!