14 August for BfA means I can stop my World Quest Challenge!

I packed it in Thursday last week because I couldn't do the 50 world quest challenge anymore. I did 1000 world quests in just over 3 weeks, and just hit 8000... and now I don't want to do it anymore.

Battle for Azeroth was announced and now that there is a definite date, it has galvanised people into interesting actions - all very different.

1. OK we can stop playing WoW and play something else until prequests for BfA come out
2. OMG I only have 14 weeks to get this alt levelled/this achievement/all my mage tower appearances
3. 14 weeks to get mythic Argus done and then we are done with this expansion

And, I also started playing kiddy games. Yes, I started playing Fortnite. The kids really like playing, and at least I like playing it too. They were making me play Roblox before, and I find that DREADFULLY dull. Roblox is an MMO with lots of user created games/worlds in it, and the characters look like Minecraft figures. There are hundreds of games/servers in it with all sorts of themes.

There is even actually a game in Roblox called "The floor is Poop". Where there is a killer wave of poop, and you have to climb a building to avoid it. The last person standing wins. The kids wanted me to play that. So I did. For 20 minutes. UGH.

Anyway, I figured, I can just cut back and do just 20 a day, or binge it and catch up. If I can get myself off Fortnite...