Two new mounts - Steelbound Harness and Wild Dreamrunner

That is the second mount that I've gotten in a week from Emissary cache! How lucky is that! This Wild Dreamrunner is quite a pretty unicorn indeed. I think it deserves it's own transmog, which I shall work on later.

Also, a gift from Delanoben - he gave me the blacksmithing mount, the green core hound mount from the steelbound harness. Now wasn't that nice of him!

Unfortunately, lame backdrop for photo. It just looks a bit hazy...


  1. Me first thought when I read this was "that bit*H got another one".? I have never got a munt from a cache. So...
    Congratulations Nav!

  2. The Dreamrunner is a gorgeous mount. Congrats!

  3. Not sure why the previous comment didn't show up as me. :)


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