Raiding - Slowly getting guildies their mounts

Last week we were yelling at Coffeehunter to get online - she normally plays badminton on Thursday nights, but she rushed home so she could get online to get heroic Argus done. She made us wait a WHOLE FIVE MINUTES, and when we said it was a penalty of 200 herbs a minute, I was only half joking. But, she gave me extra herbs which I happily shoved into the bank.

This week it was Spanky's turn, and he threw me 3000 herbs. I realise in hindsight now, that I probably have too many herbs to get rid of before Battle for Azeroth, so I should have said feasts instead.

It was a little rough this week with some attitude that I will expand upon in a later post. But, there was also some weird bugginess! In Kin'garoth we were being killed by the ruiner when it wasn't even facing us. Then we heard that Coven was bugged too so we skipped that and then spent ages wiping on Aggramar which made people VERY grumpy! Awkward!

We came back on Thursday to finish up the rest and drag Spanky through the remaining bosses and Argus, so he could get his mount. We had hiccups with Coven and had to wipe a few times, but eventually we got it...

Even Neuro came along, which was cool. I wonder who wants to come along next week? I think I will ask McTacky to come.


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