Raiding - Carried through Mythic by my friends in Onineko

It was Thursday and I was happily doing my world quest challenge when I got a whisper from a friend asking me to do mythic ABT. I hesitantly said I hadn't done much mythic.

A second tell from a different person asking me to come. Maybe in 6 minutes, I said. I was doing world quests with Splatz, and it was fun. He was an efficient person to be doing WQ with.

Then a third tell from another person. Wow, they must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel. I have done NO reading.

Then a fourth from yet another person, telling me it would be fun. I said give me a few minutes, I would come. I told Splatz I had to go heal something.

Then a fifth person! I said I'm coming, I'm coming!

So I dropped Splatz off, and in the meantime was getting spammed with invites. Nervous but happy to be doing some mythic raiding, I told them I was coming.... my 6 minutes wasn't up yet.

"6 minutes is awfully precise," said Ctwin.

Well, I'm a precise person. I have world quests down to an art!

So off I went to be carried in Mythic by friends in Onineko.

I came in on Felpuppies, and I was patiently instructed by the raid leader on what to do (yet I was still on the wrong side because I was feeling nervous and silly) and that was cool, one kill down.

And you know what? I forgot to get coins. Next up was Antoran High Command. Yog explained it all to me (oh, and now he was big boss too!). He told me all I had the easy job of going into the pod first. Ok cool, I can do that! But, there is an extra action button, for killing a bat that appears on the unmarked side. Umm, ok I can do that! Oh and I had to take grenades out. Didn't quite know what that meant, until I saw it. Just bad stuff you can't drop in middle of raid. So that was ok! Cool, another boss down!

So in Eonar had to do something a bit different. Now I had to go to some flower thing that appears next to Eonar after the first wave and go up into the ship, heal the guys in there killing a miniboss, click a crystal and run the hell out. And then go heal my tank. That didn't seem TOO bad... but got that down too yay!

Ok so this one I fully admit I stuffed up twice. My job was to hot up the "mechanics" team who were a demonhunter, monk and rogue. I don't exactly know what they were doing but it hurt them. After that I was supposed to follow the tank up into the red portal. Now, the first 2 times I was slow getting to that portal and the beam would always be on that portal and I'd die. I figured out after that I should just hang out near that portal and go up when I see the tank bolting over there. So that worked. And then I couldn't figure out if I was supposed to be up in other portals healing the guys... so in the end I just winged it and somehow we killed it, woo!

So that was kinda fun and I got asked to go again, but I did say that I was only available on Thursdays so only if they really needed me. I hated being the carry and the cause of wipes, but it was fun, and I wish Frostwolves had the interest to do it - but the downtime from raiding is a good time to do all those other game things I wanted to do! Thanks Onineko for the carry and the raid!