Sunday Raids - Achievements in Antorus the Burning Throne (Part 3) - We're done sweating!

This raid was dedicated to getting Aggramar's achievement, Don't Sweat the Technique. We had attempted it last week but kept making small stuff ups so we couldn't get it.

Poor Gravy. He was tanking so there was a lot that was reliant on tanks. Now, it's not that he's a bad tank, he just hasn't tanked it that much, and now he has to do the OPPOSITE of what they normally do when tanking.

And Duggra had the other hard job of making sure the mob was cc'd. Now that doesn't sound hard, but do it too far away and the boss has to be dragged to the mob so it gets hit by Taeshalach. Then there was an issue with knockback so that the boss would punt the tank with rend and then step forward into the mob and then it would be absorbed into the boss.

So even though it doesn't sound that hard, we spent the equivalent of a whole night on it (if you include previous attempts). I think for us it was the hardest of the achievements in there!

We had a few goes at the Argus achieve, but we thought we would have better success if we tried it with more people, so we begged a few guildies to join us next week.

Good work everyone! One more to go!

Protip: Warlocks are the best for cc, as banish makes it immune to other damage but NOT to Taeshalach. And have the tanks face it a little away from the mob so it's clipped by the edge of the Taeshalach frontal cone instead of being front on so the boss doesn't step forward into the mob.