Sunday Raids - Achievements in Antorus the Burning Throne (Part 2)

Having done the first five achievements, then we worked on the next four. Next up in our achievement run was Imonar's Hard to Kill.

For this achievement all we had to do was set off all the traps on the bridge. What we ended up doing was doing it as we normally do, and when the boss returned to the original position, we sent out people to get rid of everything on the bridge. The boss shoots missiles at people on the bridge if intermission is interrupted. We had a lot of deaths on people running back to help on bombs, but with enough heals you can get through this easily enough.

Protip: Ret Paladins are great here with bubble!

Next up was Kin'garoth's The World Revolves Around Me.

For this achievement you had to have 9 balls rolling around when you kill Kin'garoth. They spawn continuously through the fight so it's not the end of the world if a few hit someone, but just need to keep in mind that you have to have the balls up. Making sure you wait for enough balls to spawn makes the damage to the raid a little more because of more abilities from adds

Protip: Use the Weakaura to track the balls.

Varimathras's achievement, Together we Stand, was a lot easier than it sounded.

Alone in the Darkness is when someone is not within 8 yards of another player - so pretty hard to do on heroic because of that Necrotic embrace. Normal is great coz you don't have Necrotic Embrace. We had the tanks face Vari towards the back wall and we stood there so we didn't get knocked back accidentally, and a warrior (Galestion) taking all the Marked Prey because he could get back to raid pretty quickly. Overall, it didn't feel much different from doing it on normal.

Protip: Stand with your backs to a wall. Warriors and rogues are good for getting back quickly (though so are monks)

The last planned achievement for the night was Coven's Remember the Titans.

The Machinations of Aman'thul were the ones that hurt the most so it's pretty unlucky to have them pop up first or you'll have to deal with their damage for a loooong time. Not so bad if you have a lot of healers, but it's annoying extra damage. Wowhead said if we get it first to kill all of them so we can just wait for another round, but I didn't realise that the rounds are random! So we didn't get another one after we got the 3 other torments, we had something else x2, but fortunately once it appeared again we just said go all out on the boss, and we had a lot of dead people by then because they forgot to spread out for the Golganneth add was up!

Protip: use one of the corners to cc the torments. We had a Norgannon add cc'd there, as well as the Golganneth add and the Khaz'garoth one. Warlock banish is great for Norgannon add.

We spent a good half our at least trying to get the Aggramar achievement but kept failing, so by 1030pm we stopped trying and just killed Agg and Argus normally. Guess we'll do them next week!


  1. Good post! Our guild pretty much ran through all but the Argus achievement, and we are still stuck there. The issue is that it does not scale with number of people in the raid, so collecting the orbs in the spirit realm (20 within 5 seconds) is much easier if you can afford to have a lot of people doing it. But if you have only a minimum raid size of 10, it becomes almost impossible. Unfortunately, this late in the raid tier after we have long ago gotten AotC, we are hard put to field much more than a 10-man team.

    1. Thanks! Yeah I must say it looks really rough as a 10 man group. I think we'll need to draft in as many guildies as possible to get this done!


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