My crazy world quest challenge (self inflicted)

There are a lot of achievements around that I still need to work through, and I thought I should at least try to do the 10000 World Quests achievement.

The bad thing is, that I was only up to 7000 world quests. That's 3000 world quests I need to get done by September. That's 6 months.

3000 divided by 180 days (approximately) is 16 world quests a day. Doable. But what if I want it done by May? I doubt it will be out that early, but if I worked hard and did 50 world quests a day, I could be done in 2 months!

So, I started on Sunday 11th and have been slogging at it since. I asked Crooked how long I would last. He said 3 days. So of course, I was motivated to last longer htan 3 days.

So far, I have managed to get 50 quests a day done, but with some days doing more than others to catch up. Some days I do 20 world quests, other days I have done 90!

Spanky told me not to burn myself out, but I doubt that I will be burnt out from game, just World Quests. Knowing that Galestion and Fin both have their 10k quests done spurs me on a little bit...

So, predictions on how long I'll last? I was going to say 2 weeks, but that really just depends on time. If I'm time poor, I'll fall behind. And of course, if work isn't too hectic...


  1. this is where alts come in handy as they add to the total. i checked by doing the free wq on my warrior. it counted & he never left the hall.
    good luck.
    ah the life of a achievement hunter in wow is never ending :-)
    just need a lotto win so you can play more :-)


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