Minipost: Legendary #38 - Another Giant Elemental's Closed Stone Fist

I was with Crooked doing a selected heroic dungeon for the world quest (gold reward) and I was tanking HOV. When I looted one of the bosses I got a Shaman legendary!

"Before you likes your next trial. Definitely." Yep, he's got that right! Need to level my Shaman!

I got a big grats from a warlock in the PuG. Crooked was amused, I think. I was glad. At least it wasn't a hunter legendary!

Well, good thing I made that shaman. Now it will have 2 legendaries! If I ever get to 110... that is. Perhaps that can be my next project!


  1. grtz. you know you can equip those leggo's at 101 so you can wear one while leveling :-)


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