I finally got some Inky Black Potions

I keep saying that for the last 3 months that when I go to Darkmoon Faire I need to buy some Inky Black pots, and this time I remembered to buy them. They're only a bit over 3g each from Rona Greenteeth and after seeing all my friends posting gorgeous pictures, I wanted to take some too!

No pot
With pot
I noticed that there is no moon in the sky anymore but there are plenty of stars. So I went out to look at everything! Here is Suramar.

Darkmoon Faire

Broken Shore

Bradensbrook, Val'sharah


Well, I bought heaps of pots so I can run around and see the world in Inky Blackness. I'll see what else I can find that catches my eye... though looking at the internet there are some AMAZING pics already - Halls of Valor for example looks amazing!