Fail Friday - Wasting my Darkmoon hat

Darkmoon Faire week and I managed to get FOUR Darkmoon hats! So I thought I better use one, since I can only use it during Darkmoon Faire week. I even got Crooked to help me transport it to my alt so I could use it.

I thought, this buff is a SURE FIRE way of making me play my alt for 1 hour, because the buff lasts for one hour, and I hate wasting buffs, so I'll keep playing even if I'm falling asleep.

I was excited and off I went to do some quests. I finished off one quest in Hillsbrad, then went to do The Durnholde Challenge: Zephyrus, and I started it up and thought, oh this hurts. A second or two later, I was like OH THIS REALLY HURTS, and tried to run away. But I died.

And there went my Darkmoon experience buff. Poop. Only had it for one or two quests!!!

So, my intended one hour turned out to be a whoppping.... 12 mins. Nice one, Navi....