Fail Friday - Dragging Hwired around to mythic plus

Hwired said the other week, "I want to do a 20+ key." I said "Sure, what key do you have?"

To which he replied, "None."

So I asked him, where are we going to get this key from? And he said we can work one up.

Well, it's not easy to just work up a key! You have to be dedicated, and be a little bit carried. I get carried all the time!

Fortunately I still had my slowly declining key from weeks ago when I did my 24 VoW, so we had a 21 to do. It was 21 DHT and we did that on the Saturday and we were obviously going to be over but it wasn't as terrible as I thought it would be. At least we finished it. Yes, it took just over an hour, but there are worse things we've done.

This week my key turned into a 20 DHT. But, it's tyrannical and raging week, so not as nice a week as last week, which was fortified/quaking/bursting. So I was predicting that Xavius would be particularly ugly, and that tree dude could also be rather painful on the tank.

I wasn't wrong.

We dragged poor Hwired along with us again and the poor guy didn't have a Prydaz. I don't know if that would save him, but he died A LOT. He did whinge that it was so much harder than last week, but tyrannical makes the bosses that much uglier. We spent a whopping 1.5 hours in DHT and by the end it of HK was ready to kill everyone. I'm always lame at the feed on the weak thing, and it takes me a while to get all my hots laid especially if I get silenced far from the others and am running around trying to get someone so I can top myself up.

Eventually we got it done, and that was that. Poor Lushen. Dragged him along to that 20 key as well as the 21 key the week before. This week however, instead of Amelior we had a paladin friend of mine from work.

Anyway, Spoon was laughing at me and sending commiserations to Lushen. Thank goodness I "accidentally" left guild repairs on.


  1. Hey! everyone died heaps on that last boss


    1. Heh heh I know but it's easier to blame the dude with no Prydaz! :D


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