Fail Friday - Don't queue dungeons at 140am

As part of my world quest challenge, I was queuing up specific heroic dungeons to get the dungeon world quests done.  I thought that would be also a good way to pass the time whilst I waited for the PvP daily to pop up at 2am.

The tank pulled really slowly, and I had entered as heals. The pauses between pulls were so long I started pulling, and I don't know if I was annoying the tank or not. In hindsight, I should have pulled even faster!

I switched to boomkin and we ploughed steadily through the dungeon. We were just fighting Smashspite when suddenly I had a loading screen and I was dropped from group.

Oh, that was weird, I thought. What happened? I whispered one of the guys in the group and I hit enter and then realised what happened.

It was 2am. Dailies reset. And so do dungeons.

Well, that was dumb of me. I really SHOULD have pulled faster. 5 more minutes and we would have been done! Good one, Navi.