Fail Friday - Can't get anything but Shoulders

"Navi," said Pancake. "It happened again."

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I got Mantle of the Dark Sea in my cache this week."

"Oh, grats!" I said.

"Last week, I got Spaulders of Tense Sinew, and the week before, Swordsinger's Shoulders. A few weeks ago, I got Felbat Leather Pauldrons."

"Oh," I said. "What the F--- is with you and shoulders? Is it so you can carry us, with your broad shoulders?"

"Four shoulders," Pancake said. "I'm never gunna not use Mantle of the Master Assassin."

I laughed.

"Like, in every spec, Mantle of the Master Assassin is BIS."

Poor Pancake. Well, I guess most of the time we do get rubbish in your caches. I wonder what he'll get next week? More shoulders?