Raiding - Timewalking Ulduar

I can't say I am thrilled to do anything Timewalking, but people seemed eager to do it, so since we're not doing much on Thursdays (the mythic thing is not happening) then we decided to go and do it on Thursday.

And Sunday.

I totally forgot that Ulduar is a LOOOONG instance.

Fortunately, it wasn't as dreadful as some timewalking raids have been. Molten core... ugh. But as a flex group and as a guild, it wasn't that bad, and everyone decided to bring their leather wearers along to gear up as the stuff that dropped was 930/945TF.

Which, by the way, is TERRIBLE when you wanna collect appearances!

It needed a bit (maybe a lot) of memory jolting to remember how fights work. I had to tank on Sunday because Ram was not on, much to HK's chagrin.

And, HK pointed out something I had never noticed. In second phase of Mimiron, he's actually in a can and there is a giant can opener.

Picture taken from someone else's imgur, but you get the gist of it. Wish I'd noticed that!

Coffee was tired and forgot and ran straight into Yogg's room. Oops. Yeah, it doesn't reset. But the fight seemed a bit different from what I remember because the portals opened really fast for Yogg, and then Yogg got a bit "frozen" - which turned out to be because we hadn't killed all the tentacles and people were still inside or something - and then it was dead. I did die and need a rez because it still hurts at level!

So that was Ulduar. I think Sev got one fragment of Val'anyr after all that!