Raiding - No mythic this week

Darn shame. I think with many of our guildies off playing Monster Hunter that interest in doing mythic raiding has dropped right off. That and a bit of shitty attitude which I normally see at the end of an expansion, which is a mixture of frustration and boredom.

Still, we had a decent turnout but we wiped a lot because of ... I don't know what. Fights were sloppy, and people were not doing mechanics properly which made other people angry. Raid felt tense overall, and it was not comfortable, despite Sev trying to defuse it by being silly and making quips and swapblasts.

Admittedly, I was tired and so were a lot of other people. When we died to Coven twice from lousy execution and people were getting snarky the officers had had enough and we called raid. Wasn't really a good vibe, that Wednesday. People whispered me afterwards saying I was weak because we called it after only 2 wipes. Or how can you possibly do mythic when you call a raid after wiping a few times? Or that the only thing they needed was on this boss...

Thursday was heaps better, and after we did Argus, everyone logged, which was a clear message to say, no mythic. Someone said to me back in the day they would tell people that you can't raid if you don't do mythic, but that's not how things are anymore. We're not like that, and you can't force people to have fun, because we're only doing it to have fun.

There are heaps of other fun things to do. Like dungeons. And PvP. And achievements. Man, I can't wait till attendance drops off so I can go chase raid achievements on Sunday!