Prestige 25 - Prestige Quartermaster

Wewt, I made it! Got the last points during a BG which we were dominating, so that was good! I really wanted the black and red pony, in my opinion it is the best one. Even better than the Lucid Nightmare!

Is this the end? I'm not sure! I can still earn honour, but there doesn't SEEM to be anymore prestige levels. I'll just keep doing them anyway - to get ready JUST in case there are more!


  1. you can earn honor all the way to 49 so you only need 1 honor to ding the next prestiege when its released. data mining shows achievements for p30
    enjoy the break b4 the final push :-)

    1. Yay, I can do it! Me and Coffee are going to get to the end of that honour grind! I wish we got something special for it :P


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