Prepurchase Battle for Azeroth and start playing the new allied races!

All the excitment! Logging on yesterday and the notices telling you that you can play ALLIED RACES when you prepurchase the Battle for Azeroth... which will be out no later than September 21 of this year.

So guess who quickly went to get theirs! I didn't log on till 8pm and raid was in 45 mins so I wasn't sure if I would have time to do some of these allied race things, but HK said that the Nightborne one was quite quick, so I went and did that.


Thalyssra's meeting with the Night Elves didn't go very well. Though the nightborne do have the night elf model... it's cool that now we can play night elf type things too. Do we have that bounce too, I wonder?

Off we go to see Lor'themar. Alleria is there too, trying to talk to him about something Alliance-y, but Lor'themar brushes that off. Invites all round to go check out the Sunwell. Alleria wants to see it too, having not seen it for AAAAGES... and though one of the other blood elves thinks that's a bad idea, her being void-touched and all, Lor'themar says let's ALL go and see our wonderous magic pool!

Well, poor Alleria. I knew that her being there at the Sunwell with her void touched business might be no good for the Sunwell, but then when she corrupted everything... well that's the end of Alleria. No more Sin'dorei for her.

Moonwell, Sunwell, Nightwell... well, I wonder what's next. Wishing Well? Heh.


The Highmountain campaign was a bit longer. We had to run around killing old gods stuff, tentacles, creepy shadow creatures, and a lot of it was shared - as in the mobs would be there and other people could hit them and you had to wait for them to respawn. The Nightborne scenario with it's solo scenario linear role seemed to run much better as a story, in my opinion.

Old gods unleashing their rubbish everywhere. Reliving some spirit memories (Highmountain Tauren do that a lot. All this reliving the past stuff... Sev should have been a Highmountain Tauren) and placing some wards... I didn't find the quest chain very interesting.

EXCEPT for the fact that now we can tell everyone that Ebonhorn is a Black Dragon. As if he couldn't pick a more obvious name.. EBONhorn. As in black horn.

Is he making a fat joke? :D

I think EVERYONE knows, Ebonhorn. Well, everyone Horde, that is.

Some people already race changed for raid. Ultra was Nightborne. After raid, I did the Highmountain chain with Splatz and he changed to Highmountain. He quite liked the charge. I lost some obscure bet with Spoon which meant I had to race change to a Highmountain Tauren.