Friday Fail - So I somehow never noticed this in last few months...

This week's Friday Fail is proudly brought to you by me being unobservant.

I was doing one of the Broken Shore dailies - the one where you have to dig up mounds of dirt looking for a coin. I noticed that you get a buff after you get a coin, and it leaves a rainbow trail.

I'm not very good with taking pictures of the trail, so I have a few shorts of me flying into mobs and the mobs trailing me are obscuring the trail. At least this one I went straight up so you can see the rainbow!

I told HK about the cool rainbow, all excited. He made that sound, a sigh really, that seemed to convey the "are you serious you didn't know that" message...

"That's been around for ages. How have you not noticed?"

Well. We all know the answer to that question.


  1. Oh well. At least you can claim it has nothing to do with healing, otherwise you'd have noticed it. ;-)

  2. Noticing something later than most does not make it fail, dear Navimie :) And I think your screenshot turned out quite well! When I saw it the first time, I giggled alot, especially as a Druid in flight form because it literally looks as if the rainbow...well...You know... :p

    Fantastic Friday Fascination!


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