Fail Friday - Sometimes EoA is hard... and the BG weekly

On Monday night we were doing an EoA just for people to get their 15 done, and boy were we being dumb on the first boss. Sometimes you get days like that. You get hit by the spear coz you're slow to run behind the add. The boss does his charge and you go splat. Both adds die and you have nobody to hide behind. Or you don't kill the adds fast enough and they start healing the boss. Or aggroing onto your healer. Or you just ran into the sand and died.

It was lots of that.

We were about to throw it in (and I was shocked that we were going to) because it wasn't even a Tyrannical week, but as usual, when you say it's your last go, you get it.

The rest of the instance wasn't so bad. Except that we decided to practice jumping up the boat and wasting more time. Didn't matter anyway, since we were already out of time. Because, with 2 druids and a DH, it should be easy!

Though I've figured out the trick to jumping up (which is to stand on the corner, jump up whilst standing still then leaping forward with Wild Charge in stag form) I am still not 100% successful with it. I really need to practice more. But when you're under time pressure in a M+, probably not the best time to practice.

I don't know why sometimes EoA is so hard when it's so easy! I decided to blame HK because he wasn't on his monk so he couldn't paralyze properly...

Interestingly, my M+ key didn't go down this week to one level below what I did the previous week, it went down on my high key that I still had not done in my bag. It's been ticking down slowly since I did that 24 VoW a few weeks ago, and this week I had a 21 VoW which I didn't do.

So how was your week? Less fail than mine I hope!