Fail Friday - Oops I'm an idiot

Last week Thursday I had to go out for dinner so I missed raid, which was just a heroic Argus kill. It was also unfortunately a year since Xyn died and I think guildies wanted to say something, but I wasn't there, so I think nothing was said. Sad.

So, I thought I'd give a go at pugging. And there was my fail for the week.

I wiped the raid. TWICE.

Both times I had the bomb. The first time I ran to the wrong side, but as I realised as I was runing and ran to the correct side, but I was killed before I got there (my bomb didn't go off). The second time I was running to my marker and my health was ticking down and I died before I got there.

Anyway, they decided I was a troll and booted me.

That was embarrassing. Anyway, the lesson learned is that I need to pay closer attention to where markers are, because people put them differently to how our raid does them! That was just dumb, on my part.


  1. its funny how easy it is to get used to only doing something one way.
    chin up, we all wipe the raid :-)

    1. Yeahhhhh, but I feel really stupid doing in front of strangers! I suppose people say it's strangers, who cares, but I reckon it's totally normal to feel bad!


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