Achievement - Master of Battle for Gilneas

Crooked has inspired me to work on PvP achievements, as he has been selectively queueing Isle of Conquest to finish off his 100 wins. I've tagged along and got a win or two, but I hadn't been chasing achieves, not really. Now he's inspired me to.

Tonight nothing was happening, so when he logged on (I'd just finished doing a BG and a brawl, and fortunately won both - thanks Coffee, Spanky and Sev! More on that on Friday) we queued up for a BG. IOC doesn't proc at night for some reason, but I'd been queuing Deepwind Gorge and then I said hey let's queue a Gilneas.

So we did.

The game actually started really well. We were winning. Then for some reason, people started leaving. Crooked and I started out at Waterworks and we wiped them there and got our 10 kills, so we went back to mines. I was heals so I was hanging around Crooked to make sure we got our kills together. Probably worked better since I was heals.

Mines had a rush so we wiped them, but didn't make 10. Then we lost waterworks. Crooked said, well no point going back there, let's go to lighthouse. So we did. We went with another shaman and managed to take it but only got a few kills. We capped it and waited, and fortunately, alliance came to try to take it back, and everyone came to back  us up. We made our 10 kills and so he and I decided to go back to mines. 

Crooked said in the BG to let them come to mines so we could get our achievement. I cringed inwardly because that usually means we're NOT going to get it as people sabotage it, but we lost another player and we lost LH so we were down 2-1. Then alliance started coming and we were killing them those the melee were wailing on me big time and Crooked saved me and kept me up just enough so we could get our last kills.... and then BAM!

Woo! Gilneas Assassin got me my Master of Gilneas too. So that was pretty exciting. He and I cheered, and.. we lost the game, by chasing our achievement.

Sev and Shab would have been yelling at us, but it was totally worth it. Been so long trying to get that achieve. Spanky and Coffee totally agreed! Grats us!


  1. anything for achieves...
    I have IOC & AV blacklisted so if in a group that i started thats why you dont see it.

    1. I just need to get those achieves done. I'm just lazy.


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