Wounds of Azeroth... after Argus

After we killed Argus, I was super lazy and didn't go out to Silithus to look at the sword stabbed deep into Azeroth.

But, with all the new quests popping up as breadcrumbs to the expansion, I had to go out and look. Wow, does it look different!

Look at that big crater! Cenarion Hold gone! My druid brothers and sisters :(

For something so ugly and terrible, it is amazing the amount of colours it has.

The Warchief wants me to go secure the Azurite since the goblins are busy mining it. Kill a few SI:7 agents, and then some cultists who seem to have crawled out of the woodwork... oh and there are new rares to kill! And there is a pet to be had!

Woo! Success! That's all I needed to do out here. What are you waiting for? Go get your pet now!