Wednesday Raiding - First foray into Mythic!

Mixed feelings about mythic. I get that.

People were a bit disgruntled we were trying Mythic on Wedneesday. They said that it wasn't confirmed. I did put in the message of the day "Considering mythic ABT on Wednesday", which technically is not CONFIRMING we are doing mythic but perhaps its only me who reads between the lines to say that "We are considering doing Mythic on Wednesday if there are enough numbers, but if we don't have 20 people then we will do heroic." I do spend a significant amount of time trying to deciper meanings and implications when sometimes there are none, when most other people read it and take it as it is. Literally.

So next week, I will have to be more specific and say "Mythic ABT on Thursday pending numbers." Actually, that's a heaps better way to say it. Why didn't I say that the first time?

So, we actually had 20 people turn up. Splatz was held up at work but we were all ready to go, so in the end we decided to just flip to heroic and do that until Splatz arrived. He arrived as we were about to pull Dogs, so we did Felhounds, and then went back to Mythic.

Fortunately the first boss in Mythic is easy, and it only took us a few goes to get it whilst we worked out the things we needed to do. Everyone was keen, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, but everyone did NOT enjoy the fact that I forgot to turn off master loot. UGH. And, I forgot to roll. BLAH.

What makes it even worse? We forgot to take a kill pic! We thought, hey we'll take it from this bridge angle whilst we're doing mobs, but the boss despawned and I had a mini-hissy.

Felhounds is another story with tons of stuff on the ground everywhere and more coordinated movement which is killing a lot of the casters. But, it's making some solid movement, so we're going ok.

Which moves to the next topic. What day did people want to do mythic? Everyone said that Wednesday was a dumb day. I chose Wednesday because that's the day with the most people on so we would guarantee a run. However, most of them wanted to do Thursday, and so, next week we will do Thursday. My concern is that once we kill Argus, people will just go away and not come to Mythic. I only want to get 13 mythic kills (I don't know how many I need, but I know you can get it at 13) so I can get a mythic cache from my Antorus missions. And, with this week's release of Allied Races, prepurchase of the expansion, there is a lot of time left for us to do our kills. More on that later!

But! Good work Frostwolves on our first Mythic kill! See, that wasn't so bad was it?


  1. Restrict heroic Argus kills to those people that were in raid during the mythic run or at least online at the time. Reward those willing to put effort in for the wider guild rather than those that want the easy carry both with main or whatever alt of the week they expect geared up on the back of others.

    1. As a guild that prides itself on casual progression, we can't justify enforcing mythic attendance -we'll do it if enough people want to, and we won't if people don't. It's not even remotely plausible to twist people's arms with Heroic Argus and expect them to commit to mythic when they're around to enjoy the game casually.


    2. We just play for fun, which actually keeps morale high. In reality it doesn't matter if we do mythic or not, but the caches would be nice!

  2. well done.
    i learn't just be very clear & specific when doing stuff like that. dont expect ppl to read between the lines.
    enjoy mythic while you have the ppl :-)

  3. Congrats Navi, always good to see you Eff up the loot like I used to too :D


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