Wasting Gold - Mad merchant is a gold sink!

Jazeel is friends with me again. This was a long spell - I think he didn't speak to me for more than 6 months! It was an unfortunate misunderstanding - he was angry at me for being lazy about levelling my pets, saying I was too busy, but he saw me fishing and thought I was being unappreciative of his efforts to help me level.

He was encouraging me to get the Celestial Calf, but I baulked at the idea. 1 million gold! Seriously? The Spider mount that Crooked has is pretty awesome (not that I have the gold for it) but Jaz gave me a cash boost to encourage me to buy the Celestial Calf so I did.

First I had to find that Mad Merchant, who hangs around in the Toy Shoppe.

Whilst I was there, I started eyeing that ridiculously expensive bag. The 34 slot bag. Was I crazy?? Yep, I decided I was. I bought it for a ridiculous half a million gold.

The cool thing is that now I can fit all my gear in one bag! I feel like that extra slot made a huge difference.

What do you think? Waste of gold? Should I have just waited for the bag upgrade coming soon with authenticator? Well, how many other crazy people out there throwing their money away for a lousy 4 slots? :D


  1. Not a waste. Totally worth it. If I had that amount of money, I'd buy it!

    1. Gold seems easier to come by in Legion. I wonder how they will fix gold inflation....

  2. OMG! That much gold for 4 extra slots? Definitely a waste but that pet I will buy one day. Congrats on your new addition.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it's crazy for 4 slots... 125k a slot? Whew! I think there are nicer looking celestial pets but once a hoarder always a hoarder!


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