The Loot of All evil

I have struggled for years with the looting thing. And I STILL can't get it right nor find a solution that people are happy with.

I had come to the conclusion long ago that people will never be happy with how we loot. Personal loot did help a little bit - but then when it comes to tier it is so random! Look at the monks - they are kitted out with lots of heroic tier (well, Krygore has 4 piece, Lushen 3, Ram 3 and HK 2). Different to the shamans - because when the protector Tier token dropped all 3 of them rolled on it, whereas none of the monks. Weird how RNG is!

There was an issue a while back when a raider who hadn't raided for a month turned up, and when a titanforged relic came up for rolls, they won it. There was an outcry, as it was a high value item, and the person gave up the trinket to avoid drama. The second on the list of rolls wanted the original person to have the trinket, so that was that.

So after that, the officers discussed it and thought perhaps it would be better use to give those high value items to regular raid members. We decided to take attendance to see if we could sort it into groups.

But of course, people didn't like it. Criticisms included "we're a casual guild, and having this will make people LESS likely to want to turn up to raid" and "I can't make all raids, this isn't fair". It's difficult to be fair.

I didn't want to leave it on personal. There's a lot of loot passing under the table which I don't like but I can't control. Putting it on Master Loot I can control. And make it more transparent.

Half of our raiding guildies don't care about loot. They're happy to pass for others. One quarter of our raiding guildies say they don't care about loot but they actually do and get cranky. The other quarter are openly antsy about loot. So there are no solutions, really.

Anyway, the decision is being evaluated. The main thing is that everyone knows what we're doing. All I can be is open about my decision, evaluate the results and alter it if it turns out it's not the best thing.