So this is Uuna's story - the Hidden tale of a Draenei ghost girl

Those guys in the hidden Discord have done it again! Apparently there is a back story to Uuna, the little Draenei ghost pet/companion you get that drops from Many-Faced Devourer (one of the rare mobs on Argus).

Uuna's pet journal text says "Uuna was found bound to an Ur'zul and was released into the Shadowlands, where she wandered in the utter darkness."

The Many-Faced Devourer is an Ur'zul - a demonic creature formed from the tormented bodies and souls of fallen members of the Army of the Light or the Krokul (Broken).

A quest chain back on Antorus gives you a bit of background to the Ur'zul.

In Strike back (which can start from Birth of the Ur'zul - a dropped item that starts the quest), we find a scroll detailing a spell that can create new Ur'zul from the souls of the Krokul, signed by Lady Shahzarad. Off we go to kill her and a few Eredar ritualists.

I wanted to start the hidden quest line to find out more about Uuna, but I needed a buddy. Good ol' HK! One problem - he didn't have Uuna. He had to kill the rare 5 times before he got Uuna's doll to drop.

You have to wait for her to say "Can anyone hear me?" "C-c-cold...." and then you whistle at Uuna. Then she says:

After this you /roar at her. Seems a bit mean! But she runs away!

She disappears! But you can resummon her, and then you need to /cry and she will talk to you again.

So let's brighten it up for her! We take her to Shattrath City to see A'dal.

Off to look for some light that's a little less photophobic. There's some nice moonlight in Ashenvale at Lake Falathim which is juuuuust right.

/way 18.9 41.5

You know what's next. Find Nuu. How anyone knew where Nuu was... that's why those guys in the WoW Secret discord are so hardcore! Nuu is in Mac'Aree, on a floating island.

HK thought he'd do something smart and chi torpedo across. It was a bit fail. I managed to make it across though! So I rezzed him and he was there next to  me.

So I tried to get across this one, but somehow came up a bit short...

Luckily, HK made it across and managed to rez me. Oh, and make sure you have a Goblin Glider. I wonder if you can make it across as a demon hunter?

There's Nuu! That little teddy thing on the top step. Can you see it?

Now she is always holding Nuu! Hmm, did you notice Nuu is kinda like Uuna backwards...?

Now we have to go to Bloodmyst Isle to get something else. How the hell did people find this out!!!

/way 56.3 56.5
If you look REALLY closely at the table you can see the wand. Magnify!

Now Uuna is holding Nuu AND the wand. Cute huh!

Time to accessorise our little Uuna even more. Off to Shadowmoon Valley, Draenor.

/way 56 41
The crown is sitting there on the edge of a chair. Uuna runs up to it.

And now she is wearing a crown! Doesn't she look adorable!

But the darkness is coming. A few minutes later, Uuna gets taken away.

And she disappears. You can't summon her again. To find out where she's gone, you have to go speak to a spirit healer. Fortunately there's one right nearby in Shadowmoon Valley.

Now we have to go to Dragonblight and click a stone in a dragon's skull.

/way 66.2 74.5. You go first HK. I insist.
Clicking the tear teleports you to an individual scenario, The Dark Place. In there, we need to find Uuna and /cheer at her.

I see her! There she is!

Here, Uuna. A nice warm cooking fire just for you!

These creepy Soul Eaters remind me of Demogorgon from Stranger Things! They keep coming and you just have to run into them to make them run away. Keep doing it for a while and then Uuna says different things.

When Uuna starts saying "I--I can't do it! I just wanna go home!" and then you see the line
Uuna wraps her arms around herself and begins to cry - it's time to /hug her.

You can fail the scenario, and she screams the above line and she is swallowed by darkness. But if you /hug her then you might be able to salvage it. Even if you fail it, you can do it again.

And her light is SUPER strong! Bye bye Soul eaters! That little magic wand is amazing!

Now it's time for the world tour! It's like Children's week... First stop, Gate of the Setting Sun in Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Then to Nighthold in Suramar (the outside not the instance)

Next stop, Dalaran. Krasus Landing.

Dragonblight, Wyrmrest temple is next.

Now off to see the tree in Mount Hyjal.

Time for some scenery at Kun-Lai Summit, Pandaria.

Down inside Blackrock Mountain to smell the fumes...

And finally, the Temple of Karabor in Shadowmoon Valley, Draenor.

Now Uuna will run up and hug you and her appearance in the journal is changed to reflect her new accessories. A lot of people complained that they did all that and didn't get any significant rewards... but it's for fun! Don't do it if you don't want to! Just a cute little side chain story with some cosmetic stuff on. I liked it. Dunno about HK! But he finished it!


  1. Damn, now I've gone and teared up. They haven't written something this good since the knight with the Scourge in Wrath.

    Oh, and for what it's worth, I swear I've seen that Many-Faced Devourer in my office at work. Or it could be the coffee talking, I'm not sure which.


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